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Responsible Rabbit Ownership

Rabbits make wonderful pets for almost any family. They are friendly, active animals, which can be easily trained and maintained in a home or apartment. Rabbits breed readily, so there is no shortage of healthy bunnies available for those families who would like to enjoy this special pet. If you are looking for a rabbit community or rescue shelter to get your new pet Rabbit please visit our Shelter Locator.
Once the proper caging, diet, and care is secured, it is important to have rabbits spayed or neutered. Kaytee Products recommends spaying or neutering pet rabbits for several important reasons. The most common cancer of domestic rabbits is a uterine tumor. This tumor can spread very rapidly and may result in the loss of the pet. The easiest way to avoid this type cancer and other reproductive tract disorders is to have female rabbits spayed. This operation, called an ovariohysterectomy, is best performed at 5-6 months of age. By spaying females, unwanted pregnancies are also avoided.
Male rabbits should be neutered at 4-5 months. Neutering at this age virtually eliminates spraying (urine marking of the territory) by the male rabbit. Neutering also removes the primary source of testosterone in male rabbits, making them less prone to aggression and biting, which male rabbits often due when sexually frustrated. Further, in both males and females, litter box use is much more consistent when the rabbit has been surgically altered, meaning fewer accidents in the home.
Spaying and neutering does not remove any of the wonderful pet qualities of rabbits. They are just as active and playful after recovery from these simple operations, and indeed, are more likely to interact in a positive way with their family.
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