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The Tale of Two Gerbils

Working at Kaytee I have interacted with many small critters and had them as office pets, occasionally bringing them home on the weekends, but never actually having one all of my own.

Recently that all changed. I adopted two little gerbils, Potato and Pancake from a friend at work. Potato is blond and is more outgoing of the two. Pancake is black and seems to be very shy and reserved. My guess is that they are about 1 year old. I have a dog and I had a rabbit as a child so pet care is a part of my life but it seems a bit more new this time. I have two young children at home so I know they would be more then thrilled by the arrival of two new members in the family. But, would I be ready?

I packed up all the items needed to take care of the little guys, soft granule bedding, a CritterTrial, some Forti-Diet Pro Health food, a tube-0-hay and an Igloo for them to hang out in. Working at Kaytee really has its advantages! So I packed it all up and off we went on our 30 min. drive to pick up the kido’s and show them their new housemates.

Two sets of big blue eyes and smiles from ear to ear, “oh mom, I love you, thank you, thank you, thank you”. This is the response from my 4 and 6 year old daughters. Needless to say the response from my spouse wasn’t quite so enthusiastic. So, in the house we went with all of our supplies in tow. The girls already bickering on who gets to hold what. I have to admit there was a moment of “feels like this might not be a good idea”.

About 20 min. later the cage was all set up, bedding was in, food & water was full and the boys were checking out their new cage. The kids begged to hold them but I insisted that we let them check out their new digs for a little bit and get used to their new surroundings. This didn’t well with my kids but soon enough they realized mom wasn’t giving in on this one and found it fun to sit and watch them running around in the cage.

Finally, the excitement for the evening settles and we let the little guys settle in for the night. We go about our regular routine and the kids get distracted from the new pets for awhile. We all get ready for bed and as I give kisses and say goodnight my oldest says “mom thank you so much for bringing the gerbils home, can I hold them when I get up”?

I will hear this question every night for the next 12 days in a row…. : )

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