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Introduce Foraging to Your Bird.

How do I introduce Kaytee® Foraging Diet to my bird?

Much like their human “flock” members we understand that companion birds often adopt their own individual eating habits and nutritional preferences. That’s why we included so many different fun and delicious ingredients in our blends. Your bird is sure to find something he will love.  Introducing the new foraging diets to your bird is as easy as selecting a feeding style that works for you. See our selection of Foraging Diets.

Option 1:

Kaytee Foraging diets are nutritionally formulated as premium daily diets for your bird. They can be fed as alternatives to your bird’s current mix.  (When switching from current diet to Foraging diet we recommend following our simple and easy conversion process.)

Option 2:

For those who like to feed variety, Kaytee® Foraging diets can be included as a healthy and enriching addition to your bird’s current feeding routine.  Simply blend the forage diet into your current mix and watch the fun begin.

Option 3:

Let your imagination run wild! Incorporate the diet into foraging toys, playtime, and even training as a positive reinforce! Visit us at to share your ideas!


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