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Chin CHILLIN with Allyson

Jumpin’ Chinchillas

Many wild animals of the world can be classified into distinct athletic types. For example, cheetahs are often said to be the athletic sprinters of the animal kingdom, due to their extremely fast running capabilities. Dolphins could be considered the athletic swimmers of the animal kingdom, because of their agility and speed in the ocean waters. As far as small pets are concerned, I think that chinchillas could be considered the top athlete in jumping!
Chinchillas love vertical space in their habitats because they can use all of it in one large jump! In the wild, chinchillas have been known to jump around five feet into the air. This capability could help the wild chinchilla escape predators and run to higher ground. However, inside pet chinchilla habitats this natural instinct is harnessed more for positioning it in a good location to look around, grab a treat, receive a good neck scratch, or gain the ideal resting spot to take a nap.
One fun way to allow your chinchilla to adventure and jump vertically in its habitat is to purchase Super Pet® Leap-N-Ledge or Sleep-N-Ledge products. These products are all-natural, pine wood blocks that attach to any one inch wire habitat. The ledges can be moved around easily allowing pet owners to position them in different vertical locations throughout their habitat. They are also simple to remove for cleaning.
My chinchilla loves for me to reposition the ledges every week after cleaning her habitat. This gives her a new vertical adventure and provides a boredom-busting, healthy activity! After a long day of jumping around, I will often find her sleeping on her Sleep-N-Ledge, as this product gives your pet a little extra leg room to rest.
Does your chinchilla jump really high? What do you think its highest jump was? Please let me know and perhaps we can start a record list to show the highest chinchilla jump to date!

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